An Application Icon and Splash Screen for Sitka Technologies, Inc., in Portland, Oregon.

Sitka Technology was ranked as one of Oregon’s fastest growing companies in 2012 and 2013 by the Portland Business Journal. They needed an App Icon and Splash Screens for a new application they were developing that runs on Apple’s iOS as well as Android tablets.

Sitka Technology — a team of conscientious systems designers with exceptional expertise in environmental services — have more than 100,000 hours of programming experience working on environmental applications. They understand ecosystems are too complex to manage without supporting technology. Sitka works with governments, non-profits and the private sector to develop adaptive management systems that make efficient use of limited environmental investments.

Sitka Tech’s new application, DataStream is designed to be used by field biologists who perform habitat and fish surveys in streams throughout the Columbia River basin. The App will be used to collect a great deal of data about the condition of the stream (water quality, temp, discharge, etc.), the riparian area on the banks (vegetation), and fish counts in the streams.

At MediaWorks, we understand every application needs a beautiful, memorable app icon that attracts people and stands out on their Home screen. Our studios are located only 20-minutes from the Columbia River. And while we embrace the complex beauty of the Columbia River Gorge, we also embrace the simplicity required in successful App Icon designs. That’s why we worked closely with our client — and organically created simple, representative elements that captured the essence of the DataStream app — through simple, unique shapes. Details were cautiously added because overly complex designs can become confusing and may appear muddy at smaller sizes App icons are represented.

And we made sure the application’s icon looked terrific on a variety of backgrounds to ensure DataStream’s App Icon worked for all users, regardless of which wallpaper they have on their tablet.

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